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«Business interests and the civil rights for friendly ecological environment – is compromise possible?» - the Company tried to set the record straight.

April 26, 2011

The Company participated in the round table organized on April 26th, 2011 by the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation in Moscow and devoted to business ecological responsibility.

«Industrial growth without ecological damage or compromise between business interests and civil rights for friendly ecological environment» - that was the topic of the round table, organized by the Civil Society Development Committee of Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation and the Agency of Social Information.

Among the participants there were government representatives, responsible for environment protection, managers of leading industrial companies and ecological organizations representatives. Search of the balance between business development and ecology – a topic, highlighted as a relevant by the President of Russian Federation - became a main point of hot discussions and presentations.

Among the speakers there were members of Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, such as Iosif Diskin, Chairman of Civil Society Development Committee, Elena Topoleva, member of Civil Society Development Committee, Vladimir Zakharov, Director of the Institute of Sustainable Development, as well as Elena Feoktistova, Head of Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs in terms of corporate social responsibility and non-financial reporting, Anna Avramenko, Head of PR Department of ALPHA CEMENT, described the Company’s approach to ecological issues and social responsibility of business. Using the example of Shurovsky cement Expansion project she demonstrated how money invested in manufacture can improve ecological situation and relations with stakeholders.

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