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Children are our future!

June 01, 2011

On June 1st, 2011, at the square in front of Tsementnik Club Shurovsky cement held the children’s holiday “Protect Nature”, devoted to Children’s Protection holiday.

Traditionally, on Children’s Protection holiday Shurovsky cement organizes holidays for children. Last year we held “Joyful Crossroads”, where professional animators reminded to children about traffic safety rules through entertaining programme and cognitive games.

This year the theme of nature protection is connected with one of the prior tasks of the Company – ecology. We decrease emissions and minimize factors influencing environment and strive to make the new generation follow our example: learn to save nature, use water sparingly, not to waste litter, take care of everything around us. The purpose of the event was to teach children all these in a playful unobtrusive form with the help of professional animators dressed in costumes of animals and clowns. Children aged 3-12, children from town summer camps of schools № 28, 29, 30 and also grown-up citizens of Shurovo micro district participated in the event.

Shurovsky cement pays special attention to social-economic development of Shurovo. It’s important for us to take part in the establishment of positive and healthy microclimate in the region and provide foundation for future. Children are our future. The society of the future depends on what we put in their development now.

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