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First Clinker!

October 31, 2010

On October 31st, 2010 at 10:30 the first clinker was produced on the new dry process production line of Shurovsky cement.

Clinker is a subtotal product in cement production process, which is also called semi-finished cement, as this stage is a bigger part of the cement production process. In order to get clinker the raw materials get through the following stages: grinding and drying, and the mixing of the chemical composition of raw meal in the raw mill, homogenizing in the silos, burning in the rotary kiln with a system of cyclones of the preheater. The maximum temperature in the process of burning is about 1450 C°. The capacity of the new production line is 2.1 million tonnes of cement per year.

This event means a lot: it’s the commissioning of the new production line, which is run from the Central control room by high-qualified operators. The construction of the dry process production line in Shurovsky cement lasted 3, 5 years and cost € 500 million.

In fact, the new equipment which is installed to Shurovsky cement will allow us a significant decrease of negative impact on the environment: the realization of the Expansion project will decrease water consumption twice; 1, 5 times of gas consumption; energy consumption will 20% lower; the sanitary protective zone will decrease up to 200 m; the specific dust emission from kiln and cooler stack will be decreased more than 10 times.

The dry process is a step forward for cement industry in Russia. The prospects of dry kiln usage are caused by their thermal efficiency, high specific capacity, small sizing and low operational cost. Now with the new modernized production line Shurovsky cement has become one of the most up-to-date plants is Russia and Europe.

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