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First volunteers participate in “subbotnik”

April 24, 2012

The first action of initiative named “Together for Communities” which is devoted to Holcim Centennial was held last Saturday, April 21st. All 80,000 employees of Holcim in 70 countries around the world will become volunteers in 2012. Thus, Holcim Group is going to give the world 100 years of volunteering.

The survey among the employees of the Company which was held at the end of the last year displayed that cleaning of territory is the most needed direction of the volunteering. “Volskcement” was the first who gave a schedule of participation of the employees in “subbotniks”.  On April 21st, the first group of 42 volunteers of “Volskcement” took part in cleaning a territory near the plant. Three KAMAZs removed the litter which was picked up by the colleagues. The initiative of the plant inspired the medical institution located nearby to clean a territory of its own. Thus, “Volskcement” cooperated with community, implementing the main idea of the initiative “Together for Communities”.

“Subbotnik” and “Flash Mob” are the next events of the initiative “Together for Communities” to take place, both on April 28th.Moscowcolleagues will clean aterritoryofKolomnatill midday. In the afternoon they will take part in team-building event with colleagues from Shurovo. In the end there will be made a viral video.

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