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Holcim held Public Hearings on Sustainable Development Report of Shurovsky cement in 2010-2011

July 06, 2012

Holcim (Rus) took part in the round table “Disturbed and polluted territories: what business can do?” which gathered the representatives of business, non-governmental organizations, experts and ecologists. The main target of the event was to discuss the possible ways of minimizing the production impact on environment.

All the participants of the round table agreed that the current ecological situation needed the changes. Civic Chamber is a public body that is to provide the synergy of business and authorities on behalf of Russian citizens. Civiс Chamber is to guarantee and protect the rights and freedoms ofRussian Federationcitizens via the cooperation of the citizens with non-governmental organizations and authorities at the federal and local levels.

The agenda of the round table “Disturbed and polluted territories: what business can do?” pointed the topical issues of production ecology. The round table aroused the big scope of problems: the importance of ecological control and monitoring, production enterprises wastes utilization, minimizing natural recourses consumption, ecological expertise and technologies, the cost of negative impact on environment and ecological management.

Among the participants of the round table there were not only experts on ecology, but also representatives of inspectorates as well as governmental and executive power. The State Landed Inspectorate, the Institute of land analysis ofRussianAcademy of Science, the Ministry of Ecology and Nature of RF, the fund “Sustainable Development”, Russian Union of Enterprises and Entrepreneurs, All Russian Association “Business Russia” shared their opinions and proposals. One of the major production companies – Sibur, Severstal and Coca-Cola as well as Holcim – presented their “best practices” in minimizing ecological impact.

Holcim announced its firm commitment to sustainable development and presented recultivation in Shurovo quarry case-study. Anna Avramenko, Head of PR Department, Holcim (Rus), showed a video and described the details of the project. She also invited all the participants to Shurovsky cement plant to see the positive changes after reconstruction by own eyes.

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