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Holcim (Rus) CM held children’s holiday “Put a flicker on your coat and walk safely on the road!”

November 27, 2014

On November 25th, 2014 Holcim (Rus) CM together with Kolomna Traffic Police held Children Holiday devoted to the traffic rules, and presented flickers to the pupils of the schools of Shurovo district.

Holcim, one of the plants of which is located in Kolomna, pays special attention to safety: values health and safety of the Company employees, contractors, and cares about creating safe working environment. In 2014 Holcim (Russia) concentrates its significant efforts on preventing accidents, taking corrective and proactive measures, maintaining and developing a high level of OH&S culture, as well as the promotion of safety.

This year the main focus of OH&S in the Company is road safety. A lot of employees use motor transport both at work and outside it. As only a few accidents take place because of technical failure, safe behavior of all road users is the key to preventing accidents.

In September this year all around Europe, from Spain to Russia and from Northern Germany to Azerbaijan, all Holcim Operating Companies participated in the large-scale initiative – ONEurope Health & Safety Day, focused on Traffic Safety. On September, 2nd interactive areas and playground were equipped at Holcim plants in Kolomna and Volsk, training games and special performances by the representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations were held for the Company employees.

In November Holcim (Rus) CM initiated the action “Put a flicker on your coat and walk safely on the road!” for the youngest participants of the road traffic – the first-grade pupils from Shurovo schools. On November, 25th 2014 a children’s holiday devoted to learning and understanding road traffic rules and safe behavior on the road, was organized. Alexander Ivlev, Propaganda Inspector of Kolomna Traffic Police, started the official part with welcome words:

“Dear friends, transport is a great benefit for us: transport vehicles transfer people quickly, deliver cargos, food products and many other important things. Unfortunately, accidents take place and they often happen because of inattention and carelessness of road users. It’s of crucial importance to follow traffic rules and be an attentive and careful pedestrian! Please, be careful on the road!”

Then the young guests of the events were invited to participate in the training and creative stations, team games and contests. At the end of the event pupils received presents – flickers, retroreflective elements that reflect light and help the driver to notice the young participants of the road traffic in the darkness. Maria Gladysheva, Head of communication Holcim (Russia), commented on the children’s holiday:

“Now road safety is becoming a global concern. The problem of road accidents with children is a burning issue, as children quite often get hurt in road accidents. Holcim (Rus) CM set a rather challenging task – organization of events aimed at road safety propaganda and forming responsible attitude of both drivers and pedestrians towards road safety. Be alert on the road!”

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