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“Holcim (Rus) CM” hold the Dialogue with stakeholders

October 05, 2012

On October 2nd, 2012 in Kolomna, the Company met stakeholders in the frame of "Holcim (Rus) CM" SD report.

Dialogue with stakeholders took place on October 2nd, 2012  at Holcim plant in Kolomna. The participants - representatives of authorities, environmental and social bodies – gathered to discuss the results of  "Holcim (Rus) CM" activities in 2010-2011, issue of the second non-financial report and plans of the Company for the future. Choice of the dialogue format for the event – shows the Company's intension to interact with local communities and to present its position concerning SD openly and publicly.

Horia Adrian, CEO, presented Holcim’s public position on sustainable development. "Sustainable development is the ability of modern generation to use the natural resources efficiently so that future generations could also use them. The more meetings of this kind we have, the longer humanity will exist on this planet, "- began his speech Horia. Holcim pays great attention to sustainable development in the world being the leader on sustainability by Dow-Jones Index. Worldwide OH&S, compliance with environmental standards are the key principles of the Company. In Russia we have special programmes for social investments - "Partnership" and "Good neighbourhood". This year in honour of Holcim Centennial volunteering was the international initiative for Holcim Group companies. During several months the Company’s employees worked at "subbotniks", inviting the society to join. These activities were done together with the civil society "Nekvasnye patriots" and with the support of Kolomna authorities. All the activities mentioned by Mr. Adrian in his presentation and non-financial report issue are the essential parts of Holcim commitment to SD in Russia.

The first version of the second non-financial report of "Holcim (Rus) CM" was presented by Anna Avramenko, Head of Corporate Public Affairs. This year in comparison to the first report of the Company, which was focused upon environment, the report will be dedicated to sustainable development. The choice of questions for the Report was based upon the analysis of stakeholders’ interests together with local and international public agendas in the cement industry. Especially for stakeholders the Company released the brochure "Best practices of Holcim stakeholders’ engagement in Russia", where the Company’s social investment projects 2007-2011 were shown.

Most part of the first ecological report of the Company was devoted to project of modernization of Shurovsky cement plant and its implementation results. At the meeting, October 2, 2012 the Company's representatives Andrey Zalessky, plant manager, Olga Gorlova, OH&S deputy to plant manager and Lev Denisenko, quarry manager, presented the main stages of the process of reconstruction and commissioning works in 2010-2011. Special attention was paid to reduction of environmental impact. All possible dusting and emission outlets are under control, and main source dust emissions are in accordance with project data (mg / m ³). Minimization of environmental impact became possible because of the installation of modern bag filters for gas cleaning.

Noticeable improvements and reconstruction project progress were acknowledged by representatives of Rospotrebnadzor - Larisa Kharlapova, chief deputy, and Ekaterina Mokhonko, expert-specialist. Valentina Slobodenyuk, head of ecological department of Kolomna Administration, made suggestions concerning the Company’s ecological activities.

Social impact of the plant was also one of the key points of the discussion. One of the beneficiaries thanked the Company - Andrey Gain, trainer of Ekaterina Medvedeva, a student won the bronze at the World Junior Championship. Her victory might have not happened - Holcim sponsored the trip of the potential champion. Many beneficiaries present at the discussion spoke of insufficient governmental funding. The problem can be solved by long-term investments or by joining resources in cooperation "business-government." We should mention, that Kolomna municipal district and Shurovsky cement plant found the solution this year and signed the agreement on mutual cooperation in the frames of which "Holcim (Rus) CM" invested 5 million RUR into the project of gasification of Kolychevskaya special (correctional) orphan boarding school. "Further, the region and the Federation are committed to finance the works ... As a result the project realization will let the whole district have gas" - said Boris Polynsky, Head of Kolomna municipal district. Then came some other suggestions from stakeholders – investments into social sphere, sports and health, not only infrastructure.

The final part of the dialogue was Q&A session, questions to CEO from social networks. Horia Adrian answered all of them.

Stakeholders dialogue will let the Company take into consideration local community’s wishes for future plant operational activities. Publication of the second non-financial report of  "Holcim (Rus) CM" is scheduled for the IV quarter 2012.

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