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Project Competition - 2010 Start Up

April 14, 2010

On April 14 th, 2010 an opening of Project Competition - 2010 JSC Volskcement was announced in the Volsk Administration building. This year the main motto will be «Future Foundation for our Children».

This one is the second competition of socio-cultural projects aimed to develop quality of Volsk citizens' life ( more about Project Competition - 2009). In 2009 28 applications were provided to the Competition jury. 12 from them became the winners and got financial support for project realization in 4,5 mio RUR all in all.

To participate in the Competition you should:

Fill in the Application Form and attach all necessary documents listed in the Form.

Address your Application by e-mail with " Competition" in the subject or by fax or mail till May 20 th, 2010.

Adress: Volsk, Cementnikov street 1, Volskcement
Fax: 8 (84593) 7-42-13
Contact person: Nonna Koroleva
Tel: 8 (84593) 68-111
E - mail:

The winners of Project Competition - 2010 will be announced not later then June 1 st, 2010.

Contacts for media:

Kristina Bykovskaya
Tel.: +7 (495) 745 71 31 ext. 4570