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Summer Internship Programme – 2013 in Holcim (Russia) came to an end

September 02, 2013

On August 26th, 2013 the final wrap-up conference for the participants of the Summer Internship Programme took place at the Holcim plants in Kolomna and Volsk.

This year the Summer Internship Programme lasted from July, the 1st up to August, 31st at three locations: at the Holcim plants in Volsk and Kolomna and in Holcim office in Moscow.

The programme of the Internship was very eventful: apart from completing their individual projects in different departments, the interns took an English course, attended the Induction and the training “Presentation Skills”, got acquainted with the production processes during the Plant and Quarry Tour, participated in the festive event devoted to Constructor’s Day, initiated the project Holcim Care and made a report at the final conference.

During the final wrap-up conference the interns made a report on the work performed, presented their projects and demonstrated their leadership and team skills in the business game “The Perfect House of Holcim”. At the official part of the event the interns received recommendation letters and the results of the quiz “How well I know Holcim” were announced, according to them the winners were Irina Cherkasova, intern of Accounting and tax department, and Nikolay Kikin, intern of Preventive maintenance department.

Undoubtedly, one of the most exciting moments of the conference was the presentation of the project Holcim Care, which was initiated this year at Holcim (Rus) CM in Kolomna within the Summer Internship Programme. The objective of the project Holcim Care is to pay attention and give support to the labour veterans who previously worked at the plant. Certainly, the most important aspect of the whole project is the attention and care for veterans.

At the end of the conference specially invited observers (supervisors of the interns, representatives of HR Department) gave recommendations regarding formation of the succession pool.

“I would like to mention that this year the Summer Internship Programme has been really very well-organized, a lot has been done in terms of the interns’ activities, for example, the project Holcim Care. I am very glad that this year we laid the foundation for this new project and we will certainly continue it with pleasure!” – comments Tatiana Gorodnicheva, development and resources specialist who supervised the Internship Programme at the Holcim plant in Kolomna.

“Summer Internship Program - 2013 was a great success. The interns of the Holcim plant in Volsk who participated in the programme not for the first time were very pleased with the fact that their previous suggestions were taken into consideration and implemented this year. And very soon, approximately in the middle of the autumn, HR Department will begin a new stage of Internship Programme – 2014! "- says Irina Simakova, development and resources specialist, Volskcement.

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