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The winners of anniversary Competition of cultural and socially significant projects - 2013 "Holcim Green Street" were announced

April 18, 2013

On April 4th, 2013 in the Art Gallery of Volsk local lore and history museum the awarding ceremony of the winners of the fifth Volskcement Project Competition “Holcim Green Street” took place.

Volskcement Competition of cultural and socially significant projects 2013 was closed for entries on March 20th. Independent experts carried out evaluation of 16 projects, claimed for the Competition. On April 4th, tutorial board meeting was held. The same day in the Art Gallery the results of Project Competition were announced – 15 projects became winners. Now the participants are to realize their projects till the end of the year and to report on them. The competition of cultural and socially significant projects is held for the fifth time.

This year competition budget is increased up to 5 MIO RUR. As in the last year special attention is paid to ecological projects in the nomination “Green world made by yourselves”. The Project-Winners are: "My Planet is my School yard" (Children’s Art School № 3) and "Solid waste collectors at rivers Verkhnaya and Nizhnaya Malykovka in Volsk” (Technical college № 5 together with the public environmental society “Clean Volga").

This year there are new nominees, and the very names of the projects sound more poetic. In the nomination  "Kind heart" winners were projects "Available and Safe" (Municipal Regional Central Hospital), "World of Equal Opportunities" (Children's art school № 1). In the nomination "Education" best projects claimed "Pure Water" (Kindergarten №17), "3D – Kind Childhood House" (Kindergarten № 25), "We crate our world ourselves" (Children’s Educational center “Rainbow”). In the nomination "Health" won the following projects: "Teeth health is our wealth" ("Dental Clinic"), "Best aid is quickly made" (Ambulance station). Winner in the nomination "Culture and Faith" were the projects "The house for kind hearts" (Library № 3), "Joyful house is cozy and warm" (Culture club "Fakel"), "Wonder - City" (“Cementnik” club). The best in the nomination "Sports and healthy lifestyle" became projects "Stadium of my dream" (“Children’s sports school"), "Sports and Children" (Secondary school № 11), "Life is dynamic” ("Volsk Medical College").

Every initiative will get financial support from Volskcement and by the end of the year will be realized.

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