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“Volskcement” Held a Children’s Holiday

November 26, 2013

On November 15th, 2013 “Volskcement” (Holcim Group) organized an entertainment programme “Put the flicker on your coat and walk safely on the road ” for the first-grade pupils at school №4 in Volsk.

The little guests of the event participated in sport activities, quizzes, painting competitions, during which Maria Lipkus, a road-traffic policeman, and other police officers taught children traffic rules. For example, doing puzzles of road signs and finger-painting, the children could understand better safe behavior patterns on the road. Various competitions and team games were connected with road safety and allowed to simulate possible road situations and to practice road safety skills.

Though there were many competitions that day, all children were winners. “Volskcement” gifted flickers to the pupils, which will make them more noticeable at the road. We hope that the event will help to decrease road accidents involving children in Volsk.

Children’s road traffic injuries is a social problem. In Volsk during 10 months in 2013 there were 10 road accidents involving children, in three of which children didn’t know the road traffic rules. That’s why  prevention of children’s road traffic injuries is an extremely important task both for government services and community. The events and holidays, which teach children road traffic rules and safe behavior on the road, are organized with this aim. Holcim (Russia) organizes social and ecological holidays for children on a regular basis. The initiative “Put the flicker on your coat and walk safely on the road ” was first organized by Holcim (Rus) CM in Kolomna on November 14th, 2012.

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