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December 14, 2011

On December 13th traditional ceremony of closing social Project competition – 2011 of Volskcement was held in Volsk.

This year a Competition was named «Sustainable development» and devoted to improvement of the infrastructure of «children» organizations.

Amount provided by Volskcement for projects implementation remained the same – 4,5 mio RUR.

Beside the “veterans” of the Competition, taking part in the project for more than 1 year, there were many “newcomers”, who were worried while presenting their projects to Volsk Municipal District Administration and the members of the Tutorial Board.

Increase of the new competitors proves that improvement of the infrastructure of the institutions for children and youth is an important and actual sphere of social investments.

Project Competition of Volskcement is in partnership with Volsk Administration for the 3rd year not loosing its importance for both organizers and addressees of social investments.

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