PC 500-DO-N, GOST 10178-85

Portland Cement 500 without additives

  • shipped in bulk
  • shipped in big bags 1000 kg


The cement is delivered by rail and road.

Features, Advantages and Benefits for Customer


Durability of substantial constructions

Limited content of calcium aluminates and low hydration heat enable to recommend this cement for construction of substantial concrete and reinforced concrete structures with advanced requirements for water impermeability, freeze-thaw resistance and extra durability. It is used for highway and aerodrome engineering, reinforced concrete pipes, bridges, poles for power transmission lines and railroad contact systems.


Shortened production cycle

Quick strength kinetics of this cement allows manufacturing of final products with minimal duration of production cycle. It is used in mass monolithic construction, production of prefabricated reinforced elements and concrete products as well as for production of high-performance and self-compacting concretes for special applications. It ensures minimal content of cement in concrete mix design and provides solid base for dry mix manufacturing.

Conformity Certificate