PCO II-50, GOST 1581-96

Oilwell Portland Cement, Class II

  • shipped in bulk 
  • shipped in big bags 1000 kg

The cement is delivered by rail and road.

Features, Advantages and Benefits for Customers

Secure cementing of wells

This cement is intended for casing of oil and gas wells in the conditions of low and normal temperatures (up to 50° С ) for exploration and production drilling. It is used to produce cement slurries of normal density with guaranteed durability and impermeability. These parameters provide secure isolation of productive formations from water-bearing strata and serve as a basis for effective well operation. Thanks to the content of mineral components this cement is supposed to be applied at slightly raised temperatures, moreover the cement slurry has higher impermeability and resistance to aggressive exposures.

Excellent rheological characteristics

Thanks to its perfect flowability and low free water content this cement provides secure pumping of the cement slurry in casing string-borehole annulus and allows avoiding sedimentation and segregation. Controlled thickening time ensures on-time setting of cement slurry and at the same time its hardening right after cementing has been finished.