Ecological Effectiveness of Expansion Project in Kolomna

In the last 5 years cost of environmental actions of "Holcim (Rus) CM" exceeded 350 mln RUR. However, the fact that the most part of main and additional equipment is worn out didn’t allow to reach the set environmental targets.

The Project realization will lead to considerable reduction of plant negative ecological impact.

Parameters The changes in comparison with 2009 2008 After modernisation Reason
Specific fuel consumption Will be reduced 1,5 times 6112 kJ/kg clinker 3600 kJ/kg clinker Due to shift of wet process into dry
Specific energy consumption 20% reduction 141 kWt h/t 100 kWt h/t Planned energy consumption is 50 mW
Water consumption Will be reduced twice 826000 m3/year 462000 mg/nm3 Due to new technology implementation (shift of dry process into wet) and new equipment
Pipe dust emissions Will be reduced  10 times 130 mg/nm3 20-30 mg/nm3 Due to modern dedusting equipment
Emission from cooler stack Will be reduced 10 times 283 mg/nm3 20-30 mg/nm3 Due to modern dedusting equipment

Indicators of ecological effectiveness of gray cement production after Expansion project realization

The new production line will be equipped with modern bag filters which allow to reduce emission volumes. In comparison with electric filters bag filters have constant exploitation parameters independently of equipment regime (for ex. kiln start up).

Dry process allows out-coming kiln gases to follow into bag filters only after going through raw mill as a heater and then after de-dusting and cleaning in the bag filter it comes into the atmosphere.

Moreover in the new dust pipe modern automatic gas-indicator, measuring dust, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances concentration will be set in order to monitor out-coming gases on-line.

According to Shurovsky cement Expansion project rail and road transportation of limestone will be substituted by closed belt conveyor transportation that will exclude dusting in this area. Belt conveyor of 2 m width and 5.5 km length goes through the territory of Shurovo industry zone, covering both Kolomna region and Kolomna municipal lands.

The landscape under conveyor is variable in height. The main conveyor body lies on the ground, partially on overpasses and goes underground in two places. In places where conveyor crosses road and rails its height is up to 5 - 6.4 m. The usage of pipe-shaped conveyor construction for limestone and overburden transportation from the quarry to industrial site will considerably reduce dust emissions into the atmosphere and noise level. Besides the conveyor is covered with easy-detached coating which also reduces acoustic and dusting impact on the environment.