Saigon M&C Tower

Saigon M&C Tower, a 185m high luxury mixed-used building of 6-storey commercial service floors, 180 high-end apartments and 34 floors of offices, will create a new landmark in the downtown of Ho Chi Minh City by the end of 2011. It is built by Bouygues Batiment International with Holcim construction materials.

185 m high Saigon M&C Tower is being constructed by one of the biggest and most reputable Engineering-Procurement-Construction contractors in the world, Bouygues Batiment International (BBI). BBI has gained its fame by constructing most luxurious and complex works such as the tallest First Tower in France, Sydney Olympic stadium in Australia and Kuala Lumpur Grand station in Malaysia, etc.

It is also well known for its rigorous requirements on building materials supplied to its construction works. Some requirements of BBI on the supplier for this project are high quality products complying with international standards, local knowledge and qualified skill base, willingness to partner and constantly improve process, technology, and people, and reliable supply to meet tight schedule. Since 2008, Holcim Beton has been chosen to be the sole supplier of concrete for Saigon M&C Tower.

Innovative Solutions

To ensure highest standards for time, quality, and esthetics of this complex and technically challenging work, Holcim Beton developed together with the main contractor BBI the special high-strength concrete “Super Beton” at 75MPa for the key elements (columns & core walls) that offers significant benefits for the project. Using “Super Beton” the designer can reduce column size up to 45%, thus releasing more spaces for leasing and also making the building more architecturally pleasing with more open space between columns. In addition, it helps to fasten the construction speed as the early strength is high. This leads to savings in total building cost thanks to savings in foundation cost and reduction in usage of materials.
Holcim Beton also offered other two innovative concrete products for the first time in Vietnam to accommodate for BBI’s advanced construction techniques such as simultaneous top and down construction sequence, slipform casting for the core wall, or high-tech formwork etc.