The Gotthard Base Tunnel

Ho Chi Minh City's traffic problems have become a serious threat to the economic growth of the Southeast Asian metropolis. A new ring road around the city has been planned and brought much needed relief. A key element is the impressive 705 meters long Phu My Bridge, which has just been completed at end of August 2009. Holcim, a proven solutions provider in integrated building materials, had been chosen as exclusive supplier of cements for the concrete needed for this project.

Before September 2, 2009 (Vietnam's National Day), when the new Phu My Bridge was opened, all the heavy goods vehicle traffic heading north had two possibilities, neither of them being satisfactory: the route through the city and its clogged roads or a loop route far west of the city.

The new ring road connects the Mekong Delta Region in the south with Central and North Vietnam, allowing for more convenient logistics. To the south of Ho Chi Minh City, the Phu My Bridge connects the two distant banks: the 705 meter stay-cable bridge has a center span of 380 meters; the vertical clearance of 45 meters in a 200 meters wide zone ensures large vessels river traffic; each pylon is about 140 meters high and is supported by twenty-eight large bored piles of approximately 2.1 meters in diameter and 75 meters in length. Such a project could only be realized by expert design and construction specialists, using best quality construction materials.

Efficient Construction thanks to excellent Know-how
The Phu My Bridge was built in only 30 months, 4 months ahead of schedule.
Deck slabs and pylons were built with concrete using Holcim Ready Flow cement, which displays a very high early concrete strength and durability. Workability and high early concrete strength ensured the contractor would meet the construction deadline. High durability promises a long life for the bridge. The destructive alkali-aggregate reaction that can sometimes be observed with ordinary concrete can be mitigated due to the limited alkali content in Holcim Ready Flow cement and a good choice of aggregates

Holcim, the professional partner
Holcim Vietnam provided main contractor with a tailored solution, including delivery logistics, to realize the project and its efficient execution. The technical support team of Holcim followed the jobsite closely, at the initial mix-design and during execution, to avoid any possible issues or delays. Holcim Vietnam's supply chain department assured a smooth delivery of cement in sometimes very challenging circumstances.