Occupational health and safety

Our target is to provide a safe workplace. We implement the best possible technical conditions in the plants, upgrade equipment, introduce modern protective, locking and warning system, increase awareness of occupational health and safety, nurture a culture of safety throughout the Company, which exclude tolerance and carelessness towards safety rules.


Life and health of our employees is the first priority and the object of constant attention of the Company. For improvement of health safety regulations constant risk analysis and work for their elimination are required. Among key priorities are establishment of conditions excluding industrial injuries, efficiency increase of OH&S safety system, introduction of safety corporate culture in the plants.


Our employees are our greatest asset. We take care of their health and create safe working conditions.


The concept of "Passion for safety" is integrated in the working process as a main operational principle in the frames of OH&S program in the plants of the Holcim Group in all the countries all over the world. Following the rules and OH&S instructions is compulsory not only for the Company employees, but also for the suppliers, counterparties and visitors. We place the highest value on ensuring the health and safety of our people.

Five Cardinal Rules:

   1     Do not override or interfere with any safety provision and do not let others override or interfere with safety provisions.
2 Personal protective equipment rules applicable to a given task must be adhered to at all times.
3 Isolations and lock-out procedures must always be followed.
4 No person may work if under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
5 All injuries and incidents must be reported.

Since 1999 an international OH&S management system OHSAS 18001 has been introduced within the Company’s plants. OHSAS system support in implementation of risk management strategy in order to provide safe and healthy working conditions for the Company personnel, counterparties and visitors. It helps sequentially identify and control factors that have risks for personnel health and safety, decrease fatality risk, correspond to legislative requirements and internal Company standard, develop general OH&S culture.