Breathe a New Life to Recreation Centre "Cementnik" in Shurovo (Kolomna)

The history of recreation centre began on November 25th, 1975 when it was opened for Shurovo residents. It belonged to Holcim (Rus) CM till 2001 when it became a municipal institution in accordance with the ordinance № 288 from 29.05.2001 of Kolomna Mayor. Erected in last century, the centre gradually ceased to meet the requirements of contemporary organization of public leisure activities. Moreover, dilapidation and greyness of the building interior pointed out at the absence of capital repairs.

In this respect in 2006 there was started recreation centre renovation within social investment programme supported by the Company. During that period front glazing and all first floor windows were replaced by plastic sealed double glazed units, banquet hall, dance classrooms and lobby were renovated. Finally, in 2009 it was time for concert hall. And again the work was in full swing…

A lot of efforts had been made in order a new cozy hall became a kind of present for Shurovo residents and plant employees on their professional holiday on Constructor’s Day eve in 2009. And we’ve done it!