Monument and Square Rehabilitation In Shurovo (Kolomna)

It was Cement plant workers who first in 1968 initiated the creation of memorial square in memory of fallen Red Army soldiers left for the war from Shurovo district and from Cement plant. All the works concerning first monument erection, square landscaping and greenery planting were done by the plant workers.

In 1970, on the 25-th anniversary of the Victory, the monument and the square were ceremonially opened. Since the monument was opened it has never been restored.

In autumn 2009 together with Kolomna municipal authorities in the frame of social investment program Holcim (Rus) CMt finished rehabilitation of Shurovo memorial square & the monument, devoted to the memory of the perished in the Great Patriotic War. All residents of the district knew poor condition the monument has been lately.

In 2010 the 65-th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War was celebrated in Russia. The realization of the project was a present to the veterans and workers of the home front to this jubilee. It is important not only to remember and honour the history of your country, but also appeal to the hearts and minds of the new generation.