Corporate Partnership Projects (“Partnership”)

“Partnership” allows pooling the resources of many partners in order to address significant social issues of strategic importance in the regions. The key focus of “Partnership” includes promoting education, improving the quality of healthcare and preserving the region’s cultural heritage.

Project Competition - 2009 was organized in the frame of reorganization process. Competition is aimed at development and support of innovative events focused on cities' social climate improvement in Volsk.

The Company was awarded the 3rd place (the bronze) in the ranking of corporate charity - 2009 with Project Competition - 2009 and the 1st place (the gold) in sub ranking of «Industrial companies and companies of producing sector» on the results of 2009. «The leaders of corporate charity – 2009» is the common project of business newspaper «Vedomosti», PricewaterhouseCoopers and noncommercial partnership of grants-giving organizations «Donor’s Forum». No doubts, it is a great achievement of the Company and recognition of its image success in the regions.