Holcim plant in Kolomna

The ancestor of the modern Shurovsky cement plant was founded by Lithuanian-born German entrepreneur Emil Lipgart, attracted to Shurovo near Kolomna by the greatest lime stones and clays deposits for production of Portland cement, lime and alabaster. Proximity to the Oka and Moscow rivers as well as construction of the railway Moscow-Ryazan in 1862 built up to station Golutvin through Kolomna became a great advantage. As a result in April 1870 the new plant «Emil Lipgart & Co» built on the bank of the Oka river and called by the name of its founder went into operation.

Cement plant in Shurovo has become a pioneer of Russian cement industry. It is one of the first cement plants built in Russia (1870); the plant, which for the first time in Russia received two new Unaks rotary kilns (1912).
The project of the Shurovo plant modernization was approved by the Holcim EXCO in March 2007. The construction of a new technological line of dry cement production will replace the old and inefficient technology and is considered to be the most modern, ecologically friendly and energy effective way of producing cement.