Recruitment process

Thank you for your interest to our Company!

List of vacancies you can find hereScroll through the list and select the most attractive position for you. 

Make sure that your qualification meets the requirements of the open position, then fill in the  online application form for your consideration of your nominee.

After processing your application / CV, you will be contacted by our recruiters.


On the basis of responses a list of potential candidates who will be invited for the first step interview is created.


There are several steps of interview in our Company.

HR specialist will provide you with more detailed description of the requirements for the candidate we look for, and what is required to be successful in this position, as well as answer your questions during an interview. This meeting will provide us with an opportunity to learn about your professional experience, skills, motivation and education, as well as to understand how your values are correlated with Holcim culture and values.

Depending on the position, there might be next steps of selection process like a meeting with the immediate supervisor and / or functional director.


Depending on the level and requirements of the position, we may ask you to pass the test. HR representative will provide you more details during the meeting.


After all steps of selection process, the Company makes a job offer to one of the most successful candidates. After agreement, we are delighted to welcome our new colleague.