Training and development

It is not a secret that business in Russia is characterized by constant changes and tough competition. As all modern companies Holcim is trying to respond  quickly and flexibly to new market challenges. One of the directions of this work is the systematic staff training, coaching and development. This provides increased performance and Company competitiveness: best results of employees, cost saving, advanced business processes. At the same, employees have an opportunity for professional and career development.

The Company provides a full cycle of training: from assessment of needs to training effectiveness evaluation. This approach to the process allows you to see the outcome of efforts, time and money invested in employees.


Each employee, who is already a part of the Company, team or is going to join us, has the opportunity to get new knowledge both at internal and on external specially organized courses. If You speak English, You have a great opportunity to attend various professional seminars, conferences and trainings aimed at competencies development, designed jointly with the leading European universities, at the headquarters in Switzerland.

Providing training and development, Holcim gives new knowledge and skills, ensures continuity in management, creates a favorable climate and friendly atmosphere as well as increases motivation.     
First of all – why do I do it?
…to have a vision of my development path;
…to have possibility to drive my professional development;
…to have an evidence of an individual approach to me.
Why Holcim is interested in Development of Employees?
…Holcim is growing own leaders;
…Holcim is delivering effective Talent Review and Succession Management;
…Holcim is motivating employees by giving them opportunities for real development.
What could help me to grow?
Individual Development Plan (IDP) is compiled by a supervisor and an employee during a Dialogue session, and includes employee’s development objectives for the forthcoming year(s) and particular development activities.

Training and development in Holcim is offered in 3 ways: