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100 years of Holcim

March 01, 2012

Holcim through the lens of Marco Grob & Hiepler, Brunier

Portrait photographer Marco Grob and industrial photographers David Hiepler and Fritz Brunier have captured employees and production sites around the world on camera as part of Holcim’s centenary celebration. The result of these efforts is the photobook entitled “Industrious”. The Museum of Fine Arts Bern, in collaboration with Holcim, is presenting a curated selection of large-format pictures from this project.

The Museum of Fine Arts Bern has made a name for itself with photography exhibitions, a tradition it is continuing with the presentation of the “Industrious” photo project. The internationally sought-after Swiss portrait photographer Marco Grob and acclaimed Berlin photographer duo David Hiepler / Fritz Brunier were commissioned to conduct an artistic exploration of the global group. Their remit was to create photographic portraits of people and production sites. The artists were free in their choice of subjects.

The result is an extensive collection of photos in book form. Selected pictures from the book are being exhibited in the Museum of Fine Arts Bern. With both the book and the exhibition, a conscious effort was made not to draw distinctions along lines of region, country or workplace.

The Museum of Fine Arts Bern is presenting a curated selection of large-format black-and-white pictures from this project from March 2 until May 6. The exhibition will open on Thursday, March 1, at 6:30pm in the presence of the artists. The photo book is also available at the Museum of Fine Arts Bern and at bookstores