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Children's Holiday from Holcim (Rus) "Environmental Express"

December 05, 2014

On November 28, Holcim (Rus) together with Volsk secondary school №4 held a children's holiday - "Environmental Express. To save nature means to save life".

Cement is the main element of concrete, which is the most consumed material on the Planet after water. Cement production requires significant consumption of energy resources and leads to environmental impact. In connection with this Holcim pays attention to ecological issues.


This year the annual children's holiday was held under the motto: "To protect the Earth, nature, it’s necessary to love it; in order to love it, we must learn it, and having learnt it, it is impossible not to love the Earth." The pupils of the 6th and the 7th grades were offered a number of interactive activities aimed at identifying environmental problems and analyzing their causes. The pupils offered their solutions and ways how to minimize negative impacts. One of the most interesting moments of the holiday was the presentation of the cement production process to the children and construction of their own environmentally friendly plant from LEGO. The young builders demonstrated all their imagination and inventive power, knowledge and creativity while constructing the toy plant and its environmental protection facilities, which was highly appreciated by the special guest - Olga Bukhtoyarova, Head of the ecology department, Holcim (Rus).


At the end of the holiday the pupils received original gifts from the Company - the eco-souvenirs.