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Green World Made by Yourselves

November 07, 2011

On November 2nd and November 5th, 2011 Holcim held the children’s holidays “Green World Made by Yourselves” devoted to environmental protection in Kolomna and Volsk.

The “green” theme was chosen not for nothing. Ecology is one of the prior tasks of the Company. Besides 2011 was declared to be the International Year of Forests.

The purpose of the event was to teach children to use natural resources smartly in a playful unobtrusive form with the help of professional animators dressed in costumes of animals. Children aged 6 – 12 took part in the event. They were kids from kindergartens, pupils of the nearest schools as well as plant employees’ children.

The holiday was organized in the format of funny ecological stations round trip. Planting of flowers by children and watching animated cartoon turned out to be the climax of the holiday.

In spite of the fact that nowadays people say and do much to preserve “green fortune” the forest as one of the significant Planet ecosystems is being devastated. Therefore it is important to strive for its preservation not just by themselves but also to teach young generation to use natural resources smartly, to keep cleanness outdoors, to seek to a tree planting, to take care of everything around us.

Holcim pays special attention to environmental culture and environmental education of the young generation. Children are our future. The society and the world of the future depend on what we put in their development now.