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“Holcim Green Street”: Project Competition – 2013 Volskcement is open for entries

February 21, 2013

On February 20th, 2013 the fifth anniversary, Project Competition Volskcement was announced. That time opening ceremony was held in Volsk museum Art gallery.

The name for this year Competition is not a random choice, but a symbol of broader trends. The first and more ambitious one is acknowledgement of 2013 as a year of ecology and environment protection on the whole Russia level. The second one is not so large-scale, but nonetheless important for the local community – reconstruction of Volskcement plant and start of Holcim brand in Volsk.   

This year Company provided 5 MIO RUR for the projects realization (for the previous years Competition it was provided 4.4 MIO RUR ). Therefrom 4 MIO RUR will be spent for the projects of the main nomination and 1 MIO RUR – for the projects of ecological nomination “Green world made by yourself”.

Requirements for the Competition participant remained the same – those willing to try themselves in a project approach can be from among public, non-commercial, state and municipal organizations as well as charity funds of Volsk and Volsk municipal region able to provide own contribution to the project realization in the amount of minimum  25% of the budget in the monetary or other forms.

The Tutorial Board meeting that was traditionally held before the Competition included:
Anatoly Krasnov  head of Volsk municipal region;
Igor Pivovarov, head of administration of Volsk municipal region;
Marina Levina head of  Volsk department of education;
Olga Polynina, chief medical officer of Volsk and Volsk municipal region;
Olga Rodionova, head of culture and cinema department of Volsk administration;
representatives of the Company and Volskcement trade union.

Last year 15 of 19 projects of the Competition were recognized the winners and could implement their projects with the Company and Local Administration support.

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