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Holcim has collected a tonne of paper for recycling and saved 12 trees

September 28, 2012

The Company participated in the “Green Friday” - ecological action organized to collect wasted paper. This year Holcim in Russia has “saved” 12 trees, 1,250 kW of electricity and 25, 000 litres of water! The employees of Moscow office distributed 1,000 kg of paper and colleagues from Holcim plant in Kolomna collected 250 kg.

On September 14-22, 2012 the Company joined the initiative “Green Friday” aimed to collect paper for recycling from Moscow offices. But, Shurovo plant couldn’t stand aside and also subscribed. During a week Holcim employees in Moscow and in Kolomna had an opportunity to help our planet to save trees through collecting office paper, magazines and cardboard for recycling. “For our department this action has worked out to be a good fortune. M&S has been planning to utilize old marketing broshures and leaflets for a long time. In our case we did a good deed and saved the planet as well as PR department inspired us for that”, - admitted Artem Burtsev, marketing innovations manager, Holcim (Rus).

The Company’s employees supported the ecological initiative and the action resulted to one tonne of paper in Moscow and 250 kg in Kolomna for recycling. One tonne of recycling paper saves 10 trees, and this means that Holcim in Russia has saved 12 trees thanks to “Green Friday” initiative.

The action was organized by the project “Save the tree”, which promotes the idea of paper recycling and separate collection of waste. Being a social responsible company, Holcim counts its ecological commitment.

Holcim (Rus) participates in the similar action not for the first time. Last year, on October 27th, 2011, all three Company’s entities in Moscow, Shurovo and Volsk hold “Paper Free Day” and refused of using office printers for a day. Paper collection was also organized and as a result the Company saved 6 trees (687.5 kg). “I was waiting the action to be repeated, because I remember its success last year. Now, I decided to combine the useful (getting rid of old papers) with the pleasing (saving our Mother Planet)", - Sergey Khit says, T&D specialist, Holcim (Rus).