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Holcim (Russia) summed up the results of the ecological initiative Holcim Green Day

December 06, 2013

On November 11-22, 2013 Holcim (Russia) organized an ecological initiative Holcim Green Day in order to collect wastepaper and expired batteries. The Company employees participated in the initiative at three locations: at Holcim plants in Kolomna and Volsk, and at the Moscow office.

Nowadays when the deficit of natural resources is constantly growing and their consumption is increasing, Holcim realizes how important it is to contribute to the preservation of natural reserves and environmental protection. One of the possible activities in this field is wastepaper collection.

Wastepaper is one of the most common types of production and consumption wastes. According to experts, the Russians annually throw away more than 100 MIO tonnes of paper that goes to landfills, only increasing the amount of garbage near the cities. However, not everyone is aware that paper recycling is an efficient solution to this problem. One tonne of recycled paper saves about 15 trees, economizes up to 300m ³ of water and 1,000 kWh of electricity.

The main aim of the initiative Holcim Green Day was the desire of Holcim (Russia) to draw attention to the rational use of natural resources. According to the results of the initiative, several boxes of expired batteries and more than 3 tonnes of wastepaper were collected that means that about 45 trees are saved. The initiative Holcim Green Day is the Company’s desire to follow the principle of Sustainable development, which is based on economic growth, social responsibility and environmental protection.