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Holcim (Russia) was accepted to Russian Green Building Council

September 19, 2013

On September, 5th at the regular meeting the Board of Noncommercial partnership for development and implementation of rules and regulations for environmental construction "Russian Green Building Council" approved the entry of Holcim (Rus) CM to its members.

Being a company committed to the principles of sustainable development, Holcim (Rus) CM has decided to enter Russian Green Building Council (RuGBC). The major advantage of the membership for the Company is sharing experience, search for new solutions to the current business targets and promoting the principles of sustainable construction.

Today Holcim isn’t only a world leading producer of cement, but also offers sustainable solutions for business. A perfect example of this is the project “Supertrees” in Singapore, for the realization of which Holcim (Singapore) produced and delivered to the construction site about 80,000 m³ of concrete, of which 10,000 m³ was specific high-early-strength concrete with sand, partially replaced by copper slag (Holcim Green-S and Holcim Green-SL). Besides, innovative compositions of concrete mixes Easecrete and Jet-setcrete were developed for the construction of these tree-like constructions of 25-50 m high.

The members of RuGBC are the leaders of the industry, the mutual cooperation of which will allow to make a significant contribution to the development of “green” construction in our country. Apart from uniting professionals Russian Green Building Council aims at increasing the number of buildings certified by the standards of sustainable construction, and also development of a database on environmental technologies and materials.

Russian Green Building Council is a noncommercial partnership, which aims to promote sustainable construction in Russia and also Russian and international standards. Today it unites about 250 members - companies and individuals working in the sphere of architecture and construction, manufacturing and supply of material and technical resources, consulting and certification. Among the members of the organization there are the most powerful brands of the international market such as BASF, Bayer, IKEA, as well as Russian companies of various levels.