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Holcim saved 6 trees

November 02, 2011

Holcim summed up the results of the campaign “Paper Free Day” held for the first time on October 27th, 2011. We would like to say once again that all three entities of the Company (Holcim (Rus), Shurovsky cement, Volskcement) refused office paper use and of documents printing for a day.

Every employee of the Company could contribute to forests preservation not only by his or her refusal of paper use on October 27th but also by personal commitment participating in waste paper collection which was organized on October 26-28, 2011.

Taking into consideration the fact that one tone of waste paper saves 10 trees, we can state that Holcim saved 6 trees, having collected 687,5 kg of waste paper for recycling.

Some employees had a tough time without printers on October, 27th. But that campaign brought people to think over the necessity to care for office paper use. With the help of simple rules of usage of the second side of the documents printed before and choosing double-sided option while printing for internal documents every employee can contribute to common deed of forests preservation. “All together we managed to save a tree. May be not only the one! Of course it was difficult to limit yourself in excessive use of paper. But that very day I thought over how wasteful sometimes I am in paper usage at work” – said an employee of the Company.

The initiative of “Paper Free Day” was offered by DOCFLOW which stand for electronic document flow. Being an international company Holcim pays special attention to environmental care. Judging by positive feedback from employees “Paper Free Day” could become a good annual tradition in the Company.