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New Year present form Holcim (Rus) CM to Music School №2 in Shurovo

December 29, 2014

On December, 15 an Opening ceremony of new classrooms of children’s music school №2 in Shurovo was held.

The School was founded in 1962 and for over 50 years has played an important role in aesthetic and musical education of children. More than 200 pupils attend classes studying various musical instruments. In 2014 the school was provided with adjacent rooms with total area of 106 square meters.

Holcim (Rus) CM under the agreement on mutual cooperation with Kolomna Administration decided to support children's musical school №2 and allocated financial support  to repair the rooms.  As  a New Year present  children received 6 new classrooms. Capital repair was done in all 6 rooms: change of central heating system, installation of new plastic windows, plaster of walls, changed electric wiring, floors and installation of suspended ceilings. All classrooms have double doors for better sound insulation. New classrooms were already given to wind instruments, guitar and accordion sections and piano.