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Paper Free Day in Holcim

October 27, 2011

Nowadays special significance is attached to the issues of “green fortune” protection. In major Russian and International companies different environmental protection projects are implemented, ecological campaigns are carried out.

This year Holcim (Rus) will participate in the International campaign “Paper Free Day” which will take place on October 27th in three locations (Shurovo, Moscow, Volsk). The employees will refuse of paper use and of documents printing for a day.

We live in the times of high tech, wireless internet, email, different electronic databases and programmes. In spite of this fact companies continue to print, copy and to send by fax more than 1 trillion documents per year. Besides, every day a great mass of paper is thrown away from offices and houses. It is thousands and thousands hectares are being deforested to satisfy human needs ignoring the fact that they produce oxygen, help to preserve water and control climate.

“Free Paper Day” is aimed at:

  • environmental education of employees regarding issues of Planet resources sustainable use; 
  • saving of natural resources (trees, water, electric energy) by means of recycling; 
  • development of the environmental culture within the Company.

Every employee can contribute to forests preservation not only by way of refusing of paper use on October 27th but also due to participation in scrap paper gathering on October 26-28, 2011.

The figures speak for themselves. 1 tonne of recycled paper saves 10 trees, 20, 000 liters of water, 1000 kilowatts of electric energy.

We think that this Holcim initiative will become a good annual tradition.