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Project Competition: To Be Continued

December 14, 2010

On December 14th, 2010 Project Competition closing ceremony was held in Volsk.

Future Foundations For Our Children! - that was the motto of the competition chosen for that year, while the participants were proposed such topics for their projects as «Charity Addresses», «Sport and Health», «My Town Is My Home», «Culture and Morality». For projects realization Volskcement provided a budget in the amount of 4, 5 million RUB as in the last year.

On December 14th, 2010 in the Administration hall of Volsk Municipal District the winners reported on their project realization process and results to the Members of the Tutorial Board, local Authorities as well as representatives of the healthcare, educational and cultural organization.

Presentations provided at the formal ceremony confirmed Project Competition had a social meaning and high attention of participants demonstrating high interest within local society.

Project Competition - 2010 Volskcement led to the following positive results:

  • improvement of the quality and increasing of the speed of the medical assistance;
  • enhancement of the infrastructure of children educational organizations, their technical equipping, creation of safe and comfortable conditions for sport activities, saturated volunteering activities, participating in groups of amateur performance, improvement of kids social adaptation;
  • social and cultural development of local communities.

Project Competition – 2010 Volskcement was conducted in the context of new social investment programme together with local Authorities for the second time and to be continued in 2011.