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"Volskcement" held public round table discussion dedicated to environmental impact of the modernization project

October 02, 2013

On October 1st, 2013 in the Art Gallery of Volsk local lore and history museum "Volskcement” (Holcim Group) held round table discussion with stakeholders dedicated to "Ecological aspects of the impact of cement production upon the environment".

The main topics of discussion were blasting in the quarry and atmosphere pollution .
Andrew Fedorchuk , plant manager of "Volskcement" , presented Holcim Group activities to the public, as well as general modernization project of Volsk cement plant and its environmental impact upon the local community and the region. Andrew mentioned great positive experience of Swiss concern in cement plant modernization. One of the recently completed projects is situated in Kolomna. Today it is one of the leading cement plants in Russia .

Once again, investments into “Volckcement” reconstruction will be about 350 MIO Euro . The project includes modernization of the production line, as well as the installation of modern dedusting equipment which will reduce emissions dozens of times.

The environmental impact of Holcim modernization project in Volsk was presented by Olga Bukhtoyarova, the head of Environmental department. As stated in the report, the most investments will be done into air protection of Volsk town.

Anna Avramenko, Head of Corporate Public Affairs, Holcim (Russia), was a moderator of the meeting. Stakeholders participated in the round table discussion were represented by Comittee of environment and nature protection of Saratov Region, Public Chamber of Saratov region, Public Chamber of Volsk municipal region, Saratov region Federal servicy for supervision of consumer rights protection and human welfare, Administration of Volsk municipal region and public organizations of Volsk. First of all, they said that Volsk residents are very concerned about environmental protection, made proposals and suggestions for improvements and got answers to all their questions.

The company plans to complete the feasibility study for reconstruction of "Volskcement " in 2013. Reconstruction process period will take approximately two years. Since the reconstruction implies minimum stoppage of existing production line, the project implementation will have several stages. Start of construction works is expected in the 2nd quarter of 2013, and commissioning of the new line in the 4th quarter of 2016. Construction will be held by qualified contractors having necessary experience, selected on a competitive basis.