White cement, CEM I 52.5 N, GOST 31108-2003

Portland Cement White

  • shipped in bulk 
  • in bags (50 kg)
  • in big bags (1000 kg)


The cement is delivered by rail and road.

Features, Advantages and Benefits for Customer


Wide range of colors and high quality decoration

Thanks to high degree of whiteness this cement provides unlimited options for bright and long-lasting decoration of streets and building facades as well as for indoor design of residential and public constructions. It is used for production of color wall panels, architectural garden units, facing bricks, artificial stones, terrazzo plates, decorative plasters, primers, tile adhesives and joint filling masses.

State of the art production technology

This cement has extremely quick strength kinetics that allows to shorten production cycle during manufacturing of concrete products and to optimize content of cement in dry mix compositions. Perfect workability of fresh concrete mixes and mortars on the base of white cement let to bring decorative component almost into every production technology.