CEM II A-M (S-P) 32.5 R, GOST 31108-2003

Portland Cement with mineral additives

  • shipped in bulk
  • shipped in bags 1000 kg


The cement is delivered by rail and road.



Features, Advantages and Benefits for Customer


Outstanding activity potential

This high-strength rapid-hardening cement has outstanding strength parameters both in early and in final stages of hardening. It provides opportunities to reduce duration of production cycle or create highly cost-effective concrete mix designs within the shortened hardening conditions. These advantages are used successfully by producers of high performance concretes and pre-cast concrete elements for special applications. It is used in structural engineering of extra importance - rocket mines, storage silos, bank storehouses, underground and other structures with special requirements.


Excellent dispersive ability

Usage of high-performance chemical admixtures is the guarantee of beneficial workability of concrete mixes which together with this cement carry out these functions extremely well. Excellent dispersive ability of this cement ensures production of technologically effective concrete mixes which are homogeneously moulded providing high specific gravity and as a consequence resistance and durability of products and constructions.