CEM II A-M (S-P) 32.5 R SR, GOST 22266-2013

  • shipped in bulk¬†
  • shipped in bags 50 kg
  • shipped in big bags 1000 kg


The cement is delivered by rail and road.

Features, Advantages and Benefits for Customers

High resistance to aggressive environments

Thanks to adjusted mineralogical composition this cement provides perfect resistance to variable freezing-thawing and moistening-drying exposure as well as extra durability against sulfate and acid aggressions. This cement is used in construction of concrete and reinforced concrete structures for civil, industrial and transport construction. Basing on practical test results this cement can be certainly recommended as an alternative for non-additive cement.

Secure transportation of concrete

Thanks to reasonable setting time and moderate hydration heat this cement is prevailing in production of ready-mixed concretes for civil construction. Good compatibility with lignin sulfonates, melamine- and naphthalene formaldehydes leads this cement to ensure good flowability of fresh concrete mix and to avoid bleeding during transportation and on-site concreting.

Multifunctional applications

Thanks to high curing efficiency this cement can be used for production of reinforced concrete elements ensuring quick demolding after heat-humidity processing. Besides it is suitable for private housing - concreting of screeds, preparation of masonry mortars and plasters as well as for concreting of sites, blind areas and footways.

Certificates (in Russian only)