API Class G HSR, GOST 1581-96

Oilwell Portland Cement Class G HRS (API Spec 10A)

  • shipped in bulk 
  • shipped in big bags 1000 kg

The cement is delivered by rail and road.


Features, Advantages and Benefits for Customers

Durability in challenging geological conditions

Thanks to low content of calcium aluminates and alkalis this cement provides advanced resistance to aggressive environments, it is used for cementing of deep and ultra-deep oil and gas wells exposed to high temperatures and pressures. It secures high strength, gas- and water impermeability even in case of high content of aggregates and mineral components in cement slurry.

Secure rheological characteristics

Thanks to minimal free water content this cement provides secure cementing of casing and allows avoiding sedimentation of cement slurry. Adjusted thickening time allows preventing premature flow-loss of cement slurry and at the same time ensures on-time setting and hardening of cement slurry right after cementing has been finished.

Certificates (in Russian only)