Monitoring of atmospheric emissions

The Holcim Group target aimed at achievement of 20% reduction in average specific emissions has thus been revised to 2012 for dust and 2013 for NOx.

Dry process production line

Due to usage of modern dry process technology the volume of cement dust emissions on the main sources of pollution is reduced by 10 times. It will also reduce considerably total emissions of different gases and other polluting substances.

Cement production due to its specific causes dust emission, therefore polluting substance discharge is one of the main negative impacts on the environment.

The Company realizes that the industrial ecological control plays an important role in reducing the negative influence on the environment and also abiding the law of environmental protection.

Atmospheric pollution control is fulfilled according to the following directions:  

  • outdoor instrumental measurement of polluting substances in out-coming powder-gas mixtures. These measurements are taken by certified laboratory specialists in conditions of maximum equipment loading. Emission limits are monitored. List of polluting substances and periodicity of measurements are determined by emission limits control plan-schedule;
  • instrumental measurements of polluting substance concentrations in the lower atmosphere layer at the sanitary-protective zone borderline.