Project Competition - 2012 Volskcement

On March 20th, 2012 Project Competition - 2012 Volskcement was announced. The motto of the Competition for the current year is ”All colours of life”. Total budget for the realization of project-winners is 4. 5 mio RUR. 

Project Competition  ‘Volskcement” – 2012 was closed for entries on April 20th. Independent experts carried out evaluation of 19 project, claimed for the competition. On April 30th, 2012 the Tutorial Board session took place. On the next day, May 1st, 2012 the results of the Project Competition were summed up – 15 projects became winners. Now the participants are to realize their projects till the end of the year and to report on them.

The competition of cultural and socially significant projects is held for the fourth time. The special nomination “Green world made by yourself!” was determined to cover ecological issues this year. The winners in this category are the Volsk local history museum (project “ArtTerr and I”), the Volsk gymnasium (project “School Yard – My Motherland”), Children school of arts № 3 (project “Green Palette”).

All the winning projects are aimed at improvement of social climate of Volsk town. Every initiative that gets financial support of “Volskcement” deserves special attention and till the end of the year will transform from plan to reality. Among the projects there is also fairytale room creation (“Fairytale close to your heart” by Library № 6), dance marathon ( “Extracurricular education centre for children “Raduga”) creation of electronic library of unique books (“Treasure of the past” by the Central library system) and repair of kitchen (Volsk children hospital). Such ideas can become good examples for other regions of Russia and public organizations.

In the nomination “Health and Sport” won the projects “New generation chooses health” (Children educational health centre “Tsementnik”), “Sport, beauty and health” (Children sport school), “Sport childhood” (the Saratov college of bridge and hydrotechnic construction).

In the nomination “Education” the best were the Comprehensive school № 4 for the project “School is a territory of health”, kindergarten “Luzhok” for the project “Little country”. On May 1st the statuettes of Nika were also given to Volsk central hospital (New medicine technologies for Volsk citizens), Children school of arts № 5 (“Motherland is in heart”), Town cultural club (“New technologies for contemporary arts”).

The theme of the Competition this year is called “All colours of life”, Such a motto suits the event that took place on May, 1st. On this day the citizens celebrated not only holiday of Peace and Labour but also opening of park season. The performance of children groups, folk teams created joyful mood. The event turned out to be truly colourful and cheerful. 

Project Competition - 2012 Winners